2021 Summer craftsmanship items | beautiful people

Simple masterpieces from beautiful people

Here we introduce a beautiful people has created a selection of high-quality simple pieces with playful designs supported by high-level craftsmanship and excellent quality materials.

These items all have one thing are all in common: they are gender-neutral, long-lasting, and beautifully made inside and out. Designed around the theme of “for everyone,” beautiful people is constantly developing patterns that fit beautifully to all genders and body types. At the same time, offering a wide range of sizes to choose from.

To create “pieces that are made to last”, we are particular about the selection of yarns and raw materials. Some items that look casual at first glance are actually carefully tailored in specialized factories in Japan. In addition, we close pay attention to the sewing and specifications on the inside of the garment to create a long-lasting and beautiful item from inside and out.

Linen jacket with see-through lining that stands out for its beautiful tailoring

The jacket is made of the finest Belgian linen, a natural material with a beautiful luster and a supple touch.
This jacket features a see-through cotton voile lining that allows the normally unseen canvas interlining(*) and the logo print on it to show through. The large shoulder pads, inspired by the zoot suits that emerged from the jazz culture of the 40s, provide a soft round shape and can be worn as a casual cardigan. The combination of cool linen and cotton voile provides a light and comfortable feel, making this a piece that you will want to wear daily.

*Canvas interlining: A interlining used mainly in men’s classic suits to add volume. Wool and cotton blend.

belgian linen zoot jacket
color: white/pink/black size: 34/36/38/40/42

The versatile pants that fit any gender and body type

The two-tack tapered pants are carefully made with traditional trouser tailoring. This is the ultimate pair of pants that was made after repeated trials and errors in studying patterns that fit all genders and body types. The material is densely woven of fine count ramie, which is generally not used for pants. The material has an elegant luster, moderate stretch, and a cool touch that is suitable even in midsummer. The combination of high-density material and authentic tailoring results in pants that are durable and resistant to knee bagging. The slim and clean silhouette can be worn with any kind of top or shoes.

military weather wide cropped pants
color : mint/dark brown size : 34/36/38/40/42

Logo T-shirts with embroidered backside design

At first glance, the logo T-shirt looks simple, but if you look closely, you will notice that the embroidery is reversed. This is a playful design that shows the reverse side of the embroidery and allows you to enjoy the random loose threads. By combining two types of fine count yarns, moist and smooth Suvin cotton and firm Pima cotton, we have created a material that has both a moist feel and a thin yet moderate firmness. The specification detail is designed to prevent the fabric from stretching after washing, so you can wear it for a long time without wear and tear.

high gauge suvin pima logo kids T-shirt
color: white/light gray/black size: 150/160/170/180/190/200

Classic tailored dress shirts inspired by bed sheets

The oversized dress shirt was inspired by hotel bed linen. The shirts are It is carefully tailored at a factory specializing in shirts with advanced sewing techniques and are beautifully finished down to the last detail, from the hem and side seams and the sewing on the back. In order to achieve a soft texture that is not stiff, while reminiscent of flat, crisp hotel bed linen, a high-density plain-weave fabric is made by combining fine count cotton with silk. It is characterized by its supple texture with a sense of firmness and elegant luster. Despite its oversized size, it does not have a casual atmosphere. It is a piece that can be used in a wide range of situations, from daily life to formal events.

cotton sheets cloth regular collar shirt
color: off white/saxe size: 34/36/38/40/42

The cracks and fraying become the design! A logo tote to enjoy as it ages

The logo tote has a matte surface, made by applying a layer of craquelure to the canvas fabric by craftsmen. As the canvas dries and shrinks, it cracks gradually. Baked-on coating was applied to create an inorganic, matte expression on the logo metal parts. The canvas fabric is left with raw edges so that the threads fray, the cracks on the surface allow you to enjoy the changes over time with use.

cracking paint metal logo tote
color: off white/black/gray size: free