22SS – Selvedge Denim Series | beautiful people

The unique DOUBLE-END Denim Series
Comes with New Colors for 2022 Spring/Summer

The “DOUBLE-ENED Denim Series” now comes in bleached colors.
Made of the brand’s standard 12 oz. selvedge denim, this bleached denim retains the appearance of gradation by applying a special coating that reduces fading due to friction, while retaining the authentic denim texture. The original selvedge denim is accented with a dobby red and blue stitch-like weave on the side edge of the fabric.
The worn-in texture and distinct uniqueness coexist, and the expression and design are transformed by the DOUBLE-END pattern technique that turns the top and bottom upside down.
Three styles are available: big blouson, denim pants, and the fishtail skirt.




Inspired by vintage denim blousons, this unique 2-way blouson allows you to enjoy 1st and 3rd type designs in a single piece.

Side-A is the “1st type denim blouson” with horizontal gradation

Side-B is a “3rd type denim blouson” with vertical gradation

By turning the top and bottom upside down the design and gradation changes from Side-A to Side-B.

The cut of the back hem and the rounded shape of the pattern are unique of beautiful people. The design change created by turning the top and bottom 180° and then 270° is due to the pattern structure where the side line rotates to the front yoke and the front edge rotates to the front hem.

This is a multiplicity item that allows the wearer to enjoy not only the design, but also the change in the shade of bleaching in a single piece.




Two-way selvedge bleached denim pants with a changeable silhouette and bleach color.
Side-A: 5-pocket straight denim pants with front zipper opening.
Side-B is a slightly tapered, deep rise painter pants with a waist adjustment belt.
The unique design changes the silhouette and gradation from Side-A to Side-B when the zippers on both sides are opened and refastened in different combinations.

The structural pattern that rotates 180° to change the waist to the hem and the rise to the inner lower thigh.



This 2-way fishtail denim skirt has both a worn-in look and a new look.

It features cutting at the back hem and a three-dimensional hemline.
Side-A is a skirt with a dot button-opening design that reveals a darker color on the front and a lighter color on the back.
Side-B is a front zipper skirt with belt loops in a gradation of shades on the top and bottom.

The texture and design changes from Side-A to Side-B by opening the dot buttons at the front and re-fasten the skirt with the zipper.



The standard 12 oz. selvedge one-wash denim is available in two colors, INDIGO and BLACK.
The selvedge is woven in a stitch-like pattern of red and blue for the color INDIGO & red and black for the color BLACK.
A special coating process reduces fading and increases frictional strength, making this denim a lifetime item that can be worn for many years to come.