beautiful people’s “DOUBLE-END” Collection Paris Fashion Week <br>Digital Show with Ai Tominaga from 18:00 on Thursday, March 4th | beautiful people



beautiful people’s “DOUBLE-END” Collection Paris Fashion Week
Digital Show with Ai Tominaga from 18:00 on Thursday, March 4th


beautiful people will be presenting in Paris Fashion Week (PFW®) for Fall/Winter 2021 in the form of a digital show.


The video of the show will be available on the beautiful people’s official website from 18:00 Japan time on Thursday, March 4.



In addition, a teaser video for the digital movie will be released on the official YouTube site today, Monday, March 1, from 18:00.

Click here for the teaser video



The theme of the beautiful people FW21 Collection is “Side-C Vol.6 DOUBLE-END”.


The theme is based on the word “DOUBLE-END”, which means “double-ended” in the sense of tools, pens, brushes, etc.

The theme of this project is to discover the point and axis, that exists between the TOP and BOTTOM of a piece of clothing, and then to create a garment that functions at the same level even when the clothes are rotated and the two ends are swapped.


By swapping the two ends of the clothes, a cape becomes a fishtail dress. A down ruffled dress turns into a down opera coat. Air force jackets become navy ones. Check patterns have up and down directions. A Gustave Verbeek drawing on a knit sweater has fish swimming against gravity. Wisteria and willow flower motifs migrate from summer to winter. Masculine and feminine collide.



The theme of the beautiful people FW21 Collection is “Side-C Vol.6 DOUBLE-END”.


Due to the travel restrictions to Paris, this will be our second time participating in Paris Fashion Week in the digital show format. This time we continued the mood from the spring/summer season, “longing and excitement for dressing up”.


With the background of increasing chances to look in the mirror when washing our hands, the story of the show is inspired by the mirror, which is a universal subject not only in the fashion field.



A single item made with double-ended pattern-making techniques can be worn with the top and bottom swapped. The silhouettes and impressions of the items are completely different when they are worn on different ends, and they are depicted as opposites, as a metaphor for the “everyday self” and the “self-conscious self in the mirror.

“Is the self in the mirror the real self? This is a never-ending question.


In the COVID-19 pandemic, everyday life is no longer the same as it used to be, and the “New Normal lifestyle” has become our everyday normal.

With the “DOUBLE-END” items, we expressed our wish to “turn the earth upside down again. ”



The main cast of the digital show – Ai Tominaga


Ai Tominaga returned to Paris Fashion Week in March 2020, and in September of the same year, she became the official ambassador of Paris Fashion Week in Japan. In the film, she plays two opposite characters that create a great impression.


Ai Tominaga’s comments on the digital show

“I’m honored to be invited to participate in the beautiful people digital show. I’ve always wanted to support Japanese designers, and I’ve decided to participate because I want to make the Paris Collection a little more exciting.Not only did we walk the runway, but this time we sought further expression, and together with the production team, we swang from joy and sorrow while taking on the challenge.I sincerely hope that this work will leave a lasting impression on everyone. Please check it out.”




beautiful people will hold a physical fashion show in Tokyo on Monday, March 15, at the Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2021 F/W project “byR”.

The runway show on that day will be linked to the video to be shown at PFW®, two shows together forming a complete story.

Please watch it together with the digital show.



beautiful people Fall/Winter 2021 Paris Collection digital show


beautiful people FW21 Collection

Side-C Vol.6 “DOUBLE-END”


March 4, 2021 (Thu) 18:00 Japan time / 10:00 Paris time



Digital show is available at the following URL


Click here for the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021