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Charity COVID-19 Kids size T-shirt

This is a charity project to support medical professionals.
Part of the proceeds from the sale of the products will be donated to AMED (Japan Agency for Medical Research).

【Design features】
・Short-sleeved T-shirts with compact sizing
・The message printed on the elastic “The elastic may make you sore, but this is a little action we can do to FIGHT with Covid-19”, is a message from beautiful people, metaphorically referring to the fact that the mask is the first action we can take to fight Coronavirus.
・The elastic sewn into a simple t-shirt with a size that may make you feel a little tight when passed over the body.
・You can enjoy wearing it in various ways by passing the looped elastic through your body.

・The use of Indian ultra-long cotton fiber provides a dry touch and quick-drying comfort.
・Moist smoothness, softness and suppleness created by utilizing a special spinning technique.

Elastic width 2.5 cm

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