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double-end landscape printed blouse

【Design features】
Two-way blouse with changeable volume and collar design
Waist-length A-line church blouse with gathered collar
The bow tie at the back hem and the rounded shape make a unique pattern.
Unique pattern with bow tie at back hem and rounded shape
The silhouette changes by turning the top and bottom 180 degrees and then 270 degrees.
The pattern structure is worn by rotating the side lines to the front yoke and the front placket to the front hem.
Embroidered cords representing Rinpa school paintings
Artisanal embroidery expresses a grassland landscape where you can enjoy changes in the pattern from top to bottom.
Long sleeves

Willow print with a beautiful see-through fabric made of 100% silk
Delicate softness and fine luster.
Cool and smooth material with excellent sweat absorption and quick-drying properties
Inspired by Japanese folding screen paintings
A beautiful print that depicts the changing of the seasons in detail all the way to the edge of the fabric.
Unique landscapes, such as snow falling on summer flowers
A pattern that reflects the ancient Japanese way of thinking, which enjoyed drawing landscapes that did not originally exist.

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