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double-end flannel bonding duffle coat

【Design features】
Two-way military coat with variable volume and item design
40’s ROYAL NAVY duffle coat with below-the-hip length
The cut and rounded shape of the back hem is a unique pattern.
Unique pattern with back hem cut and rounded shape
The silhouette changes by rotating the top and bottom 180 degrees and then 270 degrees.
The pattern structure is worn by rotating the side lines to the front yoke and the front edge to the front hem.
Enjoy the change of items from Navy to Army in one piece.
The dot button at the mouth of the hood with ROYAL NAVY detail can be used as a hood storage.
White wooden toggle with logo
Dot button with logo and buffalo button are used
Long sleeves

Flannel made using a rare spinning machine born in England during the Industrial Revolution.
Inspired by oil paintings, five different colors of cotton are blended to create a single yarn.
A wide variety of colors are available.
The material takes time from spinning to the final finishing process.
A flannel that maximizes the bulkiness of wool.

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