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double-end snow world jacquard coat

【Design features】
A two-way big collar chesterfield coat with a changeable volume and collar design
A unique pattern with a cut and rounded shape at the back hem
By turning it upside down, it changes into an A-line collarless coat with a length above the knee.
The silhouette is changed by turning the top and bottom 180 degrees and then 270 degrees.
The pattern structure is worn by rotating the side lines to the front yoke and the front edge to the front hem.
The big collar changes to a peplum, and the paneled pattern of the fabric allows you to enjoy the change in pattern area.
Buffalo button with logo
Long sleeves
Fully lined

・Jacquard melton made from high quality wool
・The material is full of craftsmanship that expresses a snowy landscape with extra-large panels.
・ Realistic snow is expressed with extremely detailed patterns and shading.
・A beautiful material with an overwhelming appearance and a lyrical feel of the stillness and movement of a snowy landscape.

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