double-end Glenn Gould ascottie shirt | beautiful people

double-end Glenn Gould ascottie shirt
off white

【Design features】
A two-way shirt with a changeable volume and collar design
Regular collar shirt using men’s tailoring techniques
Unique pattern with ties and rounded shape at the back hem
By turning it upside down, it changes into a waist-length A-line ascot tie shirt
The silhouette is changed by rotating the shirt 270 degrees from the 180 degrees of up-and-down rotation.
The pattern structure is worn by rotating the side lines to the shoulder line and the front edge to the front hem
Photo print of Glenn Gould, one of the most famous pianists of the 20th century, is printed on the back
Record debut with Bach’s “”Goldberg Variations”” in 1955
An artist who made a name for himself with his unique touch, style, and presence
The logo layout is like a caption board.
Long sleeves

Cabaret shirt material using super long cotton Finx cotton
The material has a beautiful natural luster.
Traditional structure with high density weaving.
A smooth texture that is firm yet highlights the quality of the raw material.

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