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Notice about Counterfeit Products

Thank you for your continued support for beautiful people.


beautiful people is aware of the malicious counterfeit merchandise are currently being distributed on the Internet, flea market sites, and apps. We are working adamantly to resolve this issue on a daily basis.


We recommend that, in order to prevent the use of mistakenly purchased counterfeit products, customers only purchase beautiful people products directly from beautiful people direct stores and authorized retailers (including the official online stores).
If you purchase our products from stores that do not carry our products, please be aware that the products may be counterfeit.



All products sold by beautiful people come with brand tags and wash labels. Products that do not come with these labels may be counterfeit products.


To prevent resale and monopoly purchases, we restrict the purchases in large quantities.



beautiful people will continue to take strict action against counterfeiters who threaten the safety of our customers.
Thank you for your cooperation.



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