beautiful people × Cassina ixc. <br> A special exhibition on the theme of “Integration of furniture and garment” is held from July 15th(Thurs) | beautiful people



beautiful people × Cassina ixc.
A special exhibition on the theme of “Integration of furniture and garment” is held from July 15th(Thurs)

beautiful people will hold a special exhibition “Motional.” from July 15(Thurs) to July 27(Tues), 2021 under the theme of “Integration of furniture and garment”. The exhibition will be held at Cassina ixc.’s main store in Aoyama, Tokyo.


beautiful people’s unique approach that challenges the stereotypes of fashion and Cassina ixc.’s lifestyle proposal that goes beyond the realms of interior design are merged to create this special exhibition.
This exhibition features beautiful people’s 2021 Spring/Summer collection pieces re-created using Cassina ixc.’s interior fabrics. These original dresses are integrated into the sofa and bed in this installation.
Some of the collection pieces on display will be available for custom orders.


The event will also feature a limited edition item.


The Onion Beaded Cushion, which was sold out in March this year, will be available in a limited edition black color.

This bead cushion is so comfortable that it has been called “the cushion that spoils people.”
The beads are made from sustainable beads produced in Japan, and dyed in beautiful people’s original mixed colors. The fabric of the inner bag that wraps the beads is water-repellent to prevent stains and is decorated with a logo print. The fabric of the onion-shaped outer bag is made of a highly durable agricultural mesh sheet.
This is a unique design that allows the contents to show through. The limited edition black bag is designed with the logo tape on the handle and the outer bag in black. The off-white version, which was released in March this year, will also be available at this event.



We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you at our store.



【Event Information】

beautiful people 2021 Summer Exhibition “Motional.”
Period: July 15 (Thu) – July 27 (Tue), 2021
Venue: Cassina Ixchee Aoyama Main Store
Address: Unimat Aoyama Building 1,2,3F, 2-12-14 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Store hours: 11:00 – 19:00 *Closed on Friday, July 23
Phone number: 03-5474-9001


About Cassina ixc.

Cassina, a leading brand of modern furniture in Italy, founded in 1927, together with ixc. which offers a unique selection of interior items such as household goods, art, curtains and rugs from Japan and abroad. . Cassina ixc. provides multiple co-ordination options with unique aesthetic sensibility and design in order to fulfill the needs of each and every individual.


【Product Information】

Product name: Onion Beaded Cushion
Color: black (Cassina ixc. limited color) / off white
Size: 80 liters (W60×D60×H40 cm)


Where to buy
beautiful people global online store:
Cassina ixc Aoyama main store, Cassina ixc online store:



In addition, blue & green will be available at the beautiful people Aoyama store and Shibuya Parco store in September as store limited colors.




Product name: Onion bead cushion
Color: blue (limited color for Shibuya Parco store) / green (limited color for Aoyama store)
Size: 80 liters (W60×D60×H40 cm)
Available at:
beautiful people Aoyama store (Address: 3-16-6 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
beautiful people Shibuya Parco Store (Address: Shibuya Parco 2F, 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)