vintage leather jean jacket 200

  • ¥ 132,000


  • 【10月上旬入荷】ヴィンテージレザー ジーンジャケット 200


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【Design features】
・A kid's size leather jacket that replaces the standard 3rd type denim jacket design with leather
・Compact shoulder area
・Slightly shortened sleeves
・Pivot sleeves are used for hunting jackets.
・Features a cut and action sleeves to ensure easy movements
・A pattern designed to be both sleek and comfortable
・A choice of silhouette from compact to oversized to suit the wearer's style
・Logo dot button closure.
・Cotton/cupra lining

・Sheepskin with a similar texture to dead stock leather
・Vegetable tannin is used in the tanning process to make the leather soft and absorb water well.
・A special oil is added during the dyeing process to prevent the hard inner-core from remaining, which is the characteristic of vegetable tanning
・The leather has a cowhide-like luster and supple feel
・The jacket is garment washed and hand-ironed one by one during the finishing process
・Beautiful luster and moist hand feel created by the craftsmen's hand
・An classy yet casual material
・The soft and moist texture that is unique to the wearer will gradually develop with wear

cm / inch

  • length
  • shoulder width
  • body width
  • hem width
  • sleeve length
  • sleeve width
  • cuff width
  • 200
  • 61
  • 49
  • 56
  • 57
  • 63
  • 22.5
  • 13
【10月上旬入荷】ヴィンテージレザー ジーンジャケット 200


【10月上旬入荷】ヴィンテージレザー ジーンジャケット 200
【10月上旬入荷】ヴィンテージレザー ジーンジャケット 200
【10月上旬入荷】ヴィンテージレザー ジーンジャケット 200
【10月上旬入荷】ヴィンテージレザー ジーンジャケット 200
【10月上旬入荷】ヴィンテージレザー ジーンジャケット 200
【10月上旬入荷】ヴィンテージレザー ジーンジャケット 200

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