THE / a rock knit EXTREME

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【Design Features】
・A collaboration with EXTREME, the American rock band's graphics in intarsia knitting.
・A collaboration knitwear inspired by a rock band T-shirt of the band that connects with the next generation.
・A crew-neck pullover featuring an intarsia knitting graphic pattern.
・Characterized by the original graphic pattern with new added value and meaning.
・Design based on the concept “KIDSWEAR FOR EVERYONE"
・Available in 4 sizes: 150, 170, 190, 210.
・Choose from compact to oversized silhouettes to match your style.
・Comes with an original garment case that is inspired by a washing net.

・The base material is an original bespoke yarn, that blends & twisting two different types of Australian lamb wool.
・It has a bulky touch but is light due to unique spinning characterized by a soft touch and a warm texture.
・The surface has a unique luster and is characterized by a silky and soft texture.
・The color scheme expresses a unique unevenness by using Angora goat's long hair kid mohair yarn.
・A mixture of bulky-touch wool acrylic thread and a glossy rayon thread, representing a unique sense of sheerness and unevenness.
・Soft texture finish with slightly stronger crimping.


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