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  • 【10月下旬入荷】QUOTATION & フォーシーズンネームタグトート


  • 【10月下旬入荷】QUOTATION & フォーシーズンネームタグトート


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・With 15th Anniversary design NAME TAG tote bag (Winter 2021 Landscape pattern)
・With original shopping bag, shipment after 27th October, 2022

【QUOTATION FASHION ISSUE beautiful people ⁠15th Anniversary SPECIAL EDITION】⁠⁠

・The miracle of Beautiful People biting the Parisian mode
・To explore the boundaries of creative as Möbius strip
・A permanent edition focusing on the creation of Side-C and DOUBLE-END since Paris, including a candid correspondence between the QUOTATION editorial team and Hidenori Kumakiri, designer of beautiful people, and a thorough dissection of the creative process that has not been shown until now
・In-depth dissection - The trajectory of creation after and before Paris Collection

Is there really a Side C that is neither Side A nor Side B?
Hidenori Kumakiri x Hirofumi Kurino
Hidenori Kumakiri x Takeji Hirakawa
・Actress Nanase Nishino sneaks into the atelier
・The letters and 25 testimonies reveal Kumakiri's creative temperament

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【10月下旬入荷】QUOTATION & フォーシーズンネームタグトート


【10月下旬入荷】QUOTATION & フォーシーズンネームタグトート


【10月下旬入荷】QUOTATION & フォーシーズンネームタグトート
【10月下旬入荷】QUOTATION & フォーシーズンネームタグトート
【10月下旬入荷】QUOTATION & フォーシーズンネームタグトート
【10月下旬入荷】QUOTATION & フォーシーズンネームタグトート
【10月下旬入荷】QUOTATION & フォーシーズンネームタグトート


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