studs riders flappurse

  • ¥ 57,600


  • 【限定商品】スタッズライダースフラップパース


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[Design features]
A SPECIAL item finished with ★ studs for the dots on the rider's flap purse.
With two sizes of ★ studs.
The design is like a condensed version of a rider's jacket with all the details.
A more compact version of the Rider's Flap Shoulder Bag.
The main body opens and closes with a zip.
The inside of the bag is designed as a wallet.
The back pocket fits a form perfectly.
Outside pockets x 3, Inside cards x 2, Bills x 1, Coins x 1

The same sheepskin as our classic vintage riders' jackets is used.
The leather is tanned with a special oil during dyeing to avoid hardness.
Glossy appearance, with both firmness and a glossy finish by hand-ironing.
The material has a casual feel in the midst of elegance and uses original zipper pulls.

Size: 8.5 cm (height), 17 cm (width), 3 cm (gusset).
  • 【限定商品】スタッズライダースフラップパース


  • 【限定商品】スタッズライダースフラップパース
  • 【限定商品】スタッズライダースフラップパース
  • 【限定商品】スタッズライダースフラップパース
  • 【限定商品】スタッズライダースフラップパース

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