2022 Spring DOUBLE-END | beautiful people

Spring 2022 Collection

Side-C Vol.6.5 “MORE IS LESS”

Pre-Spring 2022 Collection showed further development in the
design concept “Side-C” and “DOUBLE-END” by introducing
angles to look at garments.Not only the top and the bottom of the
garment can be flipped, the side and the front of the
can also be swapped to create completely new silhouettes and expressions.

The theme ”MORE IS LESS“ is inspired by the famous phrase from
the famous German-born American architect ”Less is more”.
began with a question ”If the way to wear a garment is not one but
many, can we create a fresh look with fewer pieces in
our closet?”

DOUBLE-END by switching front and back

U-necks turn into V-necks, turtleneck turns into polo neck, and
pullover turn into cardigan.
The structure itself, such as the neckline
and front opening, is utilized as a design.
This is an easy double-end
garment that can be worn both from the front and back.

DOUBLE-END by rotating horizontally

By taking advantage of the pattern and turning it 90 degrees
you can turn a long-sleeved
garment into a short-sleeved or sleeveless top.
The front openings become armholes, and the
wide sleeves become the body of the garment.

DOUBLE-END by flipping upside down

Knitwear that can be worn by in 4 different ways, flipping it up and
down, front and back.
Jackets that can be worn upside down without
feeling uncomfortable.
This is a collection focuses on advanced
pattern-making techniques.

(Click on the photos to see the different ways to wear)