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2020.11 Awarded "The 38th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix”

NAILS INC collaboration kit was released

Based on the theme of the black leather biker jacket,

a 2-piece limited set of black nail polish and mini leather bag was released.

2020.10.21 New brand “beautiful people feels” was launched

The new online brand was released

with the brand’s creative partner, Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo.

2020.7 Collaboration makeup palette with iPSA were released

Makeup inspired by the biker jacket was released that included black balm-like blush that adapts to the moisture in each individual’s skin and turns a red shade when applied.

2020.6 Collaboration products with Robert Mapplethorpe were released

A posthumous collaboration was released with the New York photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe. The year 2019 marked 30 years since his passing.

2020.6 BABY-G collaboration watch was released

A unisex model was released based on the new BABY-G model, BGA-270.

2019.11.22 SHIBUYA PARCO direct retail store was opened

This was the first shop to sell items for both men and women, with about half the products for men.

2019.8.9 “Dress Code: Are You Playing Fashion?” exhibit

The Japanese-style trench coat from the 2017 autumn/winter collection is housed at the Kyoto Costume Institute.

2019.4.19  Costume supervisor for the animation “Rilakkuma and Kaoru”

Designs were provided featuring children’s clothing designed for adults.

2018.11 British brands collaboration were released

2018.11 JOHNSTONS×beautiful people

2019.1 JOHN SMEDLEY×beautiful people

2019.1 GEORGE COX ×beautiful people

2018.2.21 Ginza Mitsukoshi direct store was opened

2017.5.3 The BRAND VOICE T-SHIRT inspired by the Paris Collection debut was released

Seven interconnected messages were featured based on the concept that “everything is beautiful.”

2017.3.4 Joined Paris Collection

(since 17AW「WAFUKU」 )

2017.2.9 A teddy bear pocketbook clad in a biker jacket was released through a collaborative effort

Each teddy bear from Steiff is a traditional masterpiece handmade by German artisans. The teddy bear’s biker jacket is authentic down to the small details.

2016.9 NO GENDER LINE was launched

Patterns were created in the five sizes of “XXS, XS, S, M, and L” that were suitable for men or women no matter the size selected. Just as the kids line has no boundary between adults and children, we aimed to create clothing without the concept of division, such as the boundary between men and women.

2016.3.2 HANKYU Umeda direct store was opened
2015.7.18 official online store was launched

2015.5 A tennis-themed event was held at Isetan Kaihoku Products were released in collaboration with FILA.

2015.5 The Mitsukoshi Isetan private brand “ROUTINE FOR beautiful people” was launched

The creation encompassed everything beautiful people has always been conscientious about, from textile design to pattern making and sewing. The collection exclusive to Mitsukoshi Isetan pursued basics that incorporate production sites in Japan throughout the entire process of creating clothes.

2015.5 The brand tag was revamped to “beautiful people CREATIONS-TOKYO”

2015.4.2 The first direct store in the Kansai area was opened in LUCUA 1100

2015.2 A special order MACKINTOSH coat was released

2014.5 The Rolling Stones Collaboration products were released

An event was held at Isetan Kaihoku.(2015.5.12~5.20)

2013.7 ayame collaboration sunglasses were released

The Japanese-made eyewear brand by Yu Imaizumi was established in 2010 based on the concept of looking to the past to learn of the future.

2013.3 the 2nd direct retail store was opened at Isetan Shinjuku

2013.2 Barbour collaboration products were released

2012.12 Tora-san T-shirts were released through collaboration

The T-shirt design features famous phrases uttered by Tora-san in the “Otoko wa Tsurai yo” (It's Tough Being a Man) movies. An event was held at Isetan Kaihoku.

2012.9 “Aquascutum for beautiful people” collaboration trench coat was released

2012.9 beautiful people×JOHN SMEDLEY×LAPIS BEAMS collaboration products were released

2012.6 The design team’s “The beautiful people” band was formed

The band’s formation was prompted by a promotion of “archive” T-shirts that bring back hit designs. On June 4, a commemorative live performance was held at Shimokitazawa.

2012.5 MACKINTOSH×beautiful people collaboration products were released

2012.5.23~29 Special event at ISETAN THE STAGE


2012.11 CITIZEN80 anniversary collaboration watch was released

2012.3 collaboration products with「VAN」were released

The collection turned the paper VAN bags carried by all the young men and women who frequented Miyuki Street, Ginza in the 1970s into a full-fledged vegetable tanned leather bag. It took the signature VAN letterman jacket and regimental stripe jacket and made them in kids sizes, made the VAN logo badge into a badge that glows with LED light, and took the graphic T-shirt with a hidden VAN logo and the VANGUARDS uniform for the VAN American football team without making changes and turned them into dresses for girls. The collection offered an avant-garde VAN fusing the humor of beautiful people with VAN’s brand image.

2011.8.27 beautiful people AOYAMA flagship store was opened

Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall was involved in the interior design.

2011.4 Products were created in collaboration with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS under the direction of Tomoki Sukezane

「MENSWEAR MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS JAPAN」collaboration products were released at ISETAN Shinjuku THE STAGE

Supervised Shiseido’s global uniform designs for the 2nd time

(April 2012~2015)

Released Galaga T-shirts supervised by Namco

Under supervision from Namco, Galaga T-shirts were released featuring hand stitched beads to recreate 8-bit graphics from the classic game.

Became creative director for the new Onward Kashiyama brand “FORSTE”


Produced “KIDS WEAR FOR WOMEN”, a photo collection by Takashi Homma

Looks were put together from the Kids Series and everyday clothing using real parents and their children. The photo collection showcases the beautiful people Kids Series integrated into the day-to-day lives of ordinary parents and children.

Became a member of the JFW Organization

Pop-Up store「A starter house for beautiful people」was opened

Opened on February 20 inside Laforet Harajuku. A starter house refers to the first home people buy (presuming they move to a bigger home as their family grows). The store was deceptive because when viewed from a certain angle it appeared to be larger.

Supervised Shiseido’s global uniform designs

2From 2009 to 2012, the designs were introduced as uniforms worn at Shiseido makeup counters.

09SS「yesterday by beautiful people」was launched

The collaborative brand was launched with TOMMORROW LAND. The “yesterday” in the brand name hints at the story of clothes that you wore as a child and couldn’t bring yourself to throw out. You lovingly put them away, but when you tried them on again as an adult you found them wrinkled but adorable, and they seem to suit the person you are now!

08AW「Traditional Weatherwear & beautiful people」collaboration

A joined label with Traditional Weatherwear

Appeared in the WORLD BUSINESS SATELLITE program’s “Trend Tamago”

The Kids Series was covered on the program.

beautiful people was launched

Kumakiri launched beautiful people together with classmates from the Apparel Design Technique Course of Bunka Fashion College: Masayoshi Toda, a patternmaker; Yusuke Wakabayashi who is in charge of sales; and Tamio Yone of planning & production who was a coworker from Comme des Garçons.

entertainment co.,ltd. was established

Kumakiri established the company as a pattern subcontractor after gaining experience as a patternmaker at Comme des Garçons.

Hidenori Kumakiri graduated from the Apparel Design Technique Course of Bunka Fashion College.
1974.9.6 Hidenori Kumakiri was born in Kanagawa, Japan




「Side-C Vol.5」 motional.

Inserting small beads into Side-C in place of corsets and pads conventionally fastened inside clothing enables the inner elements to move in tandem with the body’s motion. The clothing creates a distinctive silhouette through motion.


21PS「Side-C Vol.4.5」 ,(comma)

An entirely new and original pad covering the shoulders to the chest is used. The presence of body suits and corsets that exist between clothing and body, between clothing and behind the knees, and pocket pouches are conventionally hidden, but we brought their existence to the surface with stitching. The new Side-C achieves a design that evokes the existence of the inside when looking from the outside without changing the silhouette.


「Side-C Vol.4」 Intimate

The items are inspired by building materials, which are important elements but remain hidden from view. Evolved Side-C techniques such as disassembling and stripping elements expand the range of motion of clothes. They express the intimacy of clothing and the body through texture, reverence of motion, sensations, and components invisible to the eye.


「Side-C Vol.3.5」 OK/NOT OK

The collection displays diversity in men’s and women’s clothing tailored to the consummately multitasking modern human. Clothes saddle stitched* with zippers can be freely transformed into a zip-up hooded jacket or pullover jacket. Shirts and dresses create new silhouettes by changing the length of the third bodice that exists between the front and back panels. Jackets and pants morph into various looks by utilizing the silhouette, color, and overlapping of fabric and turning them inside out so that the hidden Side-C (backside of the front, backside of the back) becomes visible. *Reverse/saddle stich applies the same concept of putting a cover on a futon (tying the inside of the cover, then turning it right side out) to clothing.



「Side-C Vol.3」 Sunrise/Sunset

A single piece of clothing converts 24 ways, just like the color of the sky shifts throughout a 24-hour period. Reconfiguring the front and back of the front panel, and front and back of the back panel makes three openings the body can slip through where normally there is one. Furthermore, Side-C lets you turn over each piece of clothing to change which side is shown, producing 24 ways to wear it.


「Side-C Vol.2.5」 Facing/Lining

The collection offers Side-C that can be worn every day. This Side-C concept makes both the front (Side A) and back (Side B) simultaneously visible so that the C side becomes a new visual presentation, which gives new form (shape) to uniforms (military items, work clothes, items commonly worn by modern women). This collection is a further evolution of the Side-C expressed in the 2019 autumn/winter collection and leads to the 2020 spring/summer collection.


「Side-C Vol.2」 Skin/Organs

Just as there is no awareness of the existence of space between the front and back of clothing, print textiles with large panel patterns use flowers and foliage to express the organs and flowing blood vessels inside human bodies that we normally cannot see. The collection is conceptual yet wearable. Through a design approach of saddle stitching, detached lining, and integration of back and front, the wearer can freely choose which side to show. New possibilities are offered that encompass everything from construction to deconstruction, and conservatism and modernism.


「The 27 Club」

Inspiration was taken from those whose lives were cut short at 27 years of age, such as Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, and Jimi Hendrix. The collection explores the beauty they shared despite diverse personalities, different eccentricities, and disparate generations.




This first collection was created by focusing on the pouch-like space between the front and back, meaning the inside of clothing. It gives birth to a new structure of endless possibilities for clothing that arise from a single garment by integrating front and back, thereby demolishing the concept of front and back that is normally formed by stitching back the edges. The origin of the name Side-C is an expressed determination to go beyond the two-dimensional thinking of front and back, and the tearing down of deconstruction and reconstruction that has been ongoing since the 1990s. What if there is a Side-C between Side A and Side B on a record? That is the inspiration for creating this theme.



Insight for the collection comes from the worldview of classic images of sepia-toned photographs and polaroid photographs that evoke the now. Both sides of the fabric are printed. There are young leaves on the front and blighted leaves on the back to express the passage of time through a single fabric. The pattern of the check fabric is changed only on the edges for a two-tone color scheme that becomes the key design point of the clothing. The pieces become possible precisely because original textile is used.


「bias( / )」

In keeping with the 2018 pre-fall collection, the concept is the coexistence of polar opposites. Masculine items typified by duffle coats, pea coats, trench coats, biker jackets, and military coats are given a feminine silhouette using a bias cut. They are entirely new classics that have never been seen before.



The collection mingles tailored elements with native dress, monk’s robes, and the pareos that complete a single look by enveloping the whole body.



「Make Love」

X and Y, Y and X. Two items are reincarnated into one new item by flipping over button holes, lowering fasteners, and rearranging the pieces. The addition of vectors and a new concept to the layered look creates two items that intertwine to become a multilayered, four-dimensional coordinated piece. Like the game of Othello, the concept is unity of front and back in which the fabric backing and outer fabric, and the inner dress and outer dress coexist within one piece.



Essential features of the elegant Princess Diana and the English gentleman are mingled with fashion from the 1970s punk band, the Sex Pistols. Though we only have two ears, the Pierce A Trois pierced earring set has the three letters S, E, X that can be mixed and matched, based on the motif of a punk fashion boutique from Kings Road in London.



This is the Paris debut collection. It mixes the contrary elements of Japanese kimono and Western clothing, and the eccentric colors of “Tokyo POP (Neo Gal)” and “bon chic, bon genre” (good style, good class) of Paris. The foldable trench coat is designed utilizing the fold lines and straight lines of kimono. The various materials and fabric belts are based on the idea of layered kimono sashes, and items such as shirts and blouson jackets are made with round patterns taken from the oval-shaped “wataboshi” hat.



The collection is created to surpass stereotypes while thinking it’s a sure thing, yet wondering if that’s true.




This collection of basic, unique items is crafted together with our customers who can freely add accents to clothes produced by the beautiful people team.


「everywhere and nowhere」

The collection takes classic beautiful people items and enhances them with new design details and fresh styling. The clothing that is “everywhere and nowhere” has both realism and modernity.


“Aspiring to be a Parisienne”

The collection takes the image of a stereotypical Parisienne and gives it a fresh reincarnation through the humor and wit of beautiful people. The unisex line created so far was evolved to create the NO GENDER LINE.


「I wanna be…」

This marks the 10th season since the company’s debut. Founded on a concept that remains unchanged, to search for new potential we took up the challenge of the bias cut, which has been considered difficult to utilize in mass-produced clothing. We developed “men’s clothing for women” that rolls out identical items in very different sizes to build a collection of unique interpretations of basic pieces, which is the hallmark of beautiful people.




We focused on techniques that have been utilized inside of clothing to create structured couture silhouettes to thoroughly probe the theme of “vintage mania.” The collection was produced by studying cutting methods that create three-dimensionality, and the contrivances and items placed inside clothing such as crinoline, bone, and interior gathers that are techniques used even today.


「Vintage mania」

Based on materials of vintage clothes through the 1920s to 1980s that are still vibrant even after the passage of time, we purposely looked at a wide range of years without narrowing down the theme or time period to produce a collection founded on the concept of tracking the flow of time in search of an access point leading to the present.


「extra virgin」

We took the pre-fall theme “virgin” and further cultivated it, looked for possibilities in natural materials, and borrowed the power of beauty from unembellished plants and animals to create a rich, gorgeous collection full of humor unique to beautiful people.



The theme is striving to create something that has never been touched by anyone. Based on the keyword “virgin,” the collection offers a range of basic items using materials of even greater purity.




The collection uses photo images of tennis players, such as the long-haired Björn Borg who competed in the 1970s, that evoke the unfettered mood exemplary of that era. A show was held at the historical Meijijingu Gaien Tennis Club built in 1926.



We further advance standard items and even universality through the concepts of “today is better than yesterday” and “creating universal items through a new, unique concept” that we have explored since the brand debut. This collection expresses the mood of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to produce items that evoke elements of the movie’s heroine, such as Sabrina pants that are an enduring standard item, and the shirt dress like that worn by Audrey when lounging at home.


「across the universe」

Inspiration was taken from film of the surprise rooftop concert given by the Beatles on the roof of Apple Corps headquarters in London, England in January 1969. The collection brings together the fascinating story and all the images captured on film, including the members and enthusiastic crowd. The design team surprised the audience by giving a musical performance in the show. The band’s name is “The beautiful people.”



The collection was created with the aim of giving meaning to symbols (or symbol-like things) that differ from the ordinary meaning.



「The beautiful people」

We focus once again on fashionable people and celebrities, which are the original meanings of the words “beautiful people,” and apply them to the collection using images of 1960s rock stars and their women. The show venue was Yoyogi VILLAGE by kurukku. In the presentation, stars suddenly seemed to appear in the town.


「she's a rainbow」

“She’s a Rainbow” is a song released by The Rolling Stones in 1967 and is said to be about Mick Jagger’s shock of falling in love at first with Marianne Faithfull. The colorful, nostalgic collection integrates the mood of the late 1960s to early 1970s, which is a favorite time for designers when it comes to music and fashion.


「Whole lotta Love」

With a whole lotta love, the collection was released in two arrangements--in a salon show and installation form, while a jazz band performed live at the cigar bar, Maduro in the Grand Hyatt Tokyo. At the end of the installation, “The beautiful people” band made up of the 4 design team members performed. A short movie was also made from a perspective different from an ordinary collection video that showed clips, including backstage activities and the band members rehearsing.



The collection was inspired by the style representing Yves Saint Laurent, LE SMOKING that he released in 1966. He proposed the masculine tailored tuxedo suit as women’s eveningwear. Many of our designs were based on child-like images, but this collection is created based on the image of adult tastes and actions only permissible in adults. A dash of humor unique to beautiful people is added that not only plays with the “smoking” spoken of in fashion, but also the actual word “smoking.”




The vitality learned from the character of Tora-san in the “Otoko wa Tsurai yo” (It's Tough Being a Man) movies is further nurtured with the aim of taking Tokyo fashion one step further to produce this collection on the theme of “Edomae Trad.”


「It's Tough Being a Man」

The collection is a compilation based on the theme of Tora-san from the “Otoko wa Tsurai yo” (It's Tough Being a Man) movies. A double-breasted jacket created with suit material for women is draped on the shoulders, a haramaki (belly band) is placed on the upper part of the loose-fitting, saxe blue shirt, and on the feet are Japanese wooden sandals with snake-skin straps. From this Tora-san style recognizable to any Japanese person, we decoded the spirit of traditional Japanese sophistication and applied it to the design.



The NO TENKI theme released in the pre-fall collection is further developed to pursue amusement born of combinations of contrasts used on winter items with summer motifs. This includes T-shirts made with Shetland knit and intarsia, and a melton coat featuring a pineapple pattern.



The concept is the spirit of perversity. This unique collection exceeds the framework of casual wear and dress through the spirit of perversity to achieve clothing that is basic yet new, modern-ish yet unpolished, orthodox yet unorthodox. The pieces give the feeling of summer though it is wintertime. They are made from unlikely pairings (combinations from which normal sensibility finds no meaning), such as Fair Isle knit with a palm-tree pattern and a long-sleeve dress with an aloha pattern.

12 SS

spin off

We improved upon items from the 2012 spring and summer collection that were well received and in high demand.




The collection includes circus designs, tiger designs, and pajamas to produce a flashy yet effortless feel. It was envisioned from the words spoken by Fitzgerald (translated in Japanese by Haruki Murakami,) “the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” Just like the word “oxymoron” (rhetoric that strings together words with opposite meanings to create a new effect) that was coined by combining the Greek words “oxy” (clever) and “moron” (stupid), the clothes merge opposite concepts to express their synergistic effect and sensation.


「on the street.」

Would you wear your boyfriend’s shirt? The collection is conscious of the Tokyo streets where the distinction between men’s and women’s items is fading. Rather than an ordinary unisex offering, this collection incorporates the idea that women wear men’s items with a new perspective.


「rabbit fashion」

Extremely soft, refined traditional wear is offered as the antithesis to the mainstream rough and robust rugged style in the men’s market. Items were released in collaboration with VAN, the first traditional fashion brand in Japan. The female look put together by the design team caused a stir.



The collection is comprised solely of a small black dress.



「take it easy」

The collection was inspired from the book “NY JS DB 62” by David Bailey and the Ivy League Bible from 45 years ago, “Take Ivy.” A general participation-type installation was carried out with models placed in Midtown.


Releasing the first pre-season collection

The collection remakes everyday items from a unique perspective, such as Galaga t-shirts made entirely by hand stitching beads to recreate choppy 8-bit graphic game images from the 1980s, and a shawl printed with an unaltered, enlarged image of British currency.


「Norwegian Wood」

The collection interprets the image of clothing depicted in the Haruki Murakami novel, “Norwegian Wood” with the style of beautiful people. The 3D technology used throughout the collection that makes embroidery and printing appear to float in the air when viewed with red-and-blue 3D glasses is an industry first. The idea of incorporating three-dimensionality into the collection came from the red and green book cover of “Norwegian Wood.”



「Stand up for dressdown」

ト10SS「Stand up for dress down」 To dress down traditional, classic clothes, the collection uses Jimi Hendrix as an icon representing the essence of the polar opposite. In the same season, the boy’s line was released that can be shared by men and women. The line was created with patterns enabling the sharing of a soft, snug-fitting silhouette for boys and a soft, feminine silhouette that drapes for girls.

*A men’s collection was launched from the 2010 spring and summer collection.


「ordinary people」

The collection takes up the challenge of expanding the preppy, traditional offerings given to date to the feminine and glamorous. We took the symbol of that look, Marylin Monroe to commit to the American classic. The collection offers clothes that ordinary people can comfortably wear in day-to-day life that make them feel special, and clothes that ordinary people can wear on special days that give them a composed feeling.



The contents of a girl’s closet. Every item.

The collection was inspired by the short story by Haruki Murakami, “The Last Lawn of the Afternoon.” A runway show was held by covering the indoor venue with grass. Later, a temporary shop was opened where the show was held.



The theme is alternative circumstances and the subsequent surface changes and confusion of tastes. In the same season, the “workwear for beautiful people” line was released that put a beautiful people spin on the interpretation of work clothes.



「A boy meets Lady」

The collection is focused on the Kids Series. Clothing was created that made size descriptions obsolete if the pieces fit.


Kids biker jackets are created that become synonymous with the brand生

The first floor show was held.



beautiful people launched

We released the Kids Series of clothing that can be shared by children and adults, and embroidery denim that is embroidered with 1.2 million stitches.