PHILOSOPHY | beautiful people



Everything is beautiful.

We design clothing that brings you happiness and comfort, and makes you feel beautiful just the way you are.
There is no single standard of beauty. We affirm diversity in the world and discover with our own eyes new beauty that exists in various elements in daily life. At times, these elements are contradictory or exist in conflicting concepts.
beautiful people frees you from preconceptions and conventions in fashion, including size, gender, materials, patterns, and colors, and creates a new standard that elicits true beauty within each and every individual.


Exceptional craftsmanship
Clothing from beautiful people is underpinned by impeccable and exceptional craftsmanship derived from traditional menswear. When crafting clothing derived from ladieswear, too, including blouses and dresses, we continually challenge ourselves to create clothing that can be appreciated for many years through manufacturing at menswear factories that boast some of Japan’s best tailoring techniques.

Superior textiles
Above all, beautiful people values the feeling of absolute comfort when you slip on our clothing. Drawing inspiration from classic and authentic fabrics, we undertake the creation of high-quality materials that begins with the careful selection of fibers, and design unique textiles by infusing our brand’s signature style into finishing and processing.

Uniqueness defying conventional ideas
We remain faithful to the uniqueness that lies at the heart of beautiful people and is exemplified by the “Kid’s Series for everyone”, which was born from the playful notion of adults wearing children’s clothing. We have established a personality not found in other brands by choosing bold materials that defy convention, and unique ideas and concepts that are sometimes considered eccentric and unusual.

Fusing disparate elements
beautiful people gains a wealth of inspiration by bringing together disparate elements, including adult/child, man/woman, Japanese/Western, and front/back. We produce ideas that evolve clothing by discovering common beauty in opposing elements, as shown in our Kimono Trench Coat that combines a Japanese kimono and trench coat, and Side-C, a unique tailoring concept that focuses on the hidden spaces that exist between the outer fabric and inner lining of a piece of clothing.