2019 SUMMER | beautiful people

Summer 2019 Collection
Side-C / Vol.1

In between. Inward getting outward while front gets to back, and vice versa. Endlessly, like a puzzle being solved and unsolved, finding that solution, expanding possibilities.

Multiplicity as the art of not being one thing. An earthy wardrobe of transformative pieces open to numberless transformations. Dresses that wrap and morph. Jackets getting peeled, coats being sliced.

Side C. An interplay of twisting and turning, lacing and unlacing, lining and un-lining. The process is reversible rather than irreversible, fluid rather than static. Noneed to be A or B, but a quest to be both or neither.

The end is the beginning and the beginning is the en. Constructing anda reconstructing, exploring the metamorphic process of dressmaking as countless ways to wear a piece, freeing the individual.

An easy, natural game. Natural fabrics. Natural colors. Natural light. Organic earthiness of materials: dyed with wine, shrunken with salt, absorbing the process onto the surface and in the fibers.

From A to C and from C to B. Endlessly. A way to look at classics that makes them look extraordinary. A way to move forward and create something new.


This is the 4th collection since joining the Paris Fashion Week. This collection sheds light on the unconscious space, a pouch-like space, between the front and the back.

The concept of the front and back, which are usually sewn back together at the edges, was erased and a new structure of clothing was invented by sharing the front and back. By focusing on the inside of the front and back, we have created a new structure that can give endless possibilities from a single piece of clothing.

The origin of the name “Side-C” is neither a dualistic idea of the front and back of clothes nor the destruction nor reconstruction of deconstruction that has been going on since the ’90s, but an expression of beautiful people’s determination to go beyond that. A theme inspired by the idea that there is a new Side-C between the A and B sides of a record.

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