Spring / Summer 2021 Collection
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Spring / Summer 2021 Collection

Side-C Vol.5

A collection inspired by home interior

The 2021 Spring/Summer collection is inspired by the everyday life of people who spend more time indoors and reflects this in the textiles and design details.

The creation of the beautiful people collection begins with the development of original textiles.

For the 2021 Spring/Summer Collection, we challenged ourselves to develop textiles that are not normally made by clothing fabric mills to incorporate interior design not only in appearance but also in the production process.
Normally, the fabric width for clothing is 110cm to 150cm, but we developed a 180cm width fabric using a loom tailored for bedding.

Gestures such as “sitting” and “lying down,” which are often seen in the home, also became inspirations for the design. Items such as round jackets and dresses that look as if they are wrapped in cushions, anorak parkas that look like a fusion of comfortable cushions by infusing with small beads, and skirts that create beautiful silhouettes when sitting.

Nature and city coexist in a delicate jacquard

This original jacquard textile is inspired by the 18th-century French wallpaper Toile de Jouy.

The shade of the delicate pattern, which reverses nature and urban landscape, is expressed not by printing but jacquard weaving, making it a unique fabric that demonstrates Japanese craftsmanship.

The combination of silk and linen gives it a natural luster and soft hand feel. The qualities of natural materials develop over time as they age.

A textile inspired by bed linen

To make a natural material, which tends to look rough, to become clean and flat like bed linen, we chose Belgian linen to create a smooth surface. To make the stripe pattern stand out, we used different yarns in different sections of the stripe pattern. It took a lot of trial and error to finally achieve. The hand feel and texture can be sustained for a long time by spending time and effort at the raw material stage rather than the finishing.

The circular skirt, developed from a 360° circular pattern, features an asymmetrical structure that drapes beautifully when you sit on a chair.

The vintage-inspired shop staff coat can be worn as a coat or as a layered apron style coat by having three body pieces.

A dress that looks like a garment cover

The shape of this dress is inspired by a garment cover with a back opening. It also functions as a long gilet when you wear it from the opposite side.

The openwork pattern reminiscent of a mosquito net is expressed by knitting. To show the pattern clearly like the lace dress often seen in woven fabrics, we used a thin coiled yarn made of nylon wrapped around a cotton core. By making the dress with knitting instead of cut & sew, the dress has a more knit-like appearance.

Designs reminiscent of chair covers, pillows, and cushions

The armholes with gussets were inspired by the structure of the chair back cover and the ribbons tying the backrest. This design incorporates many details of chair covers, such as the linear peplum pattern detailing, the right-angled structure of the backrest and seat, and the bold zipper. While retaining the natural slub of linen, the material has a unique look that mixes the luster of synthetic fibers with a beautiful drape.

The stripe pillowcases become the inspiration for our original border pattern. Different dobby structures are inserted into the pattern to create lines with a sense of depth.

From the quadrilateral pattern, the drawstrings on the sides of the body and inner sleeves form a tight and beautiful silhouette. Square piping details from the yoke to the shoulders reminiscent of cushions.

Designs inspired by tablecloths and kitchen cloths

This skirt is designed with the drape found in the corners of tablecloths. It features a fit & flare silhouette created from a quadrilateral pattern. The skirt has a structure of the numeral “8”, gives it a skirt-like appearance on the outside and a pants-like structure on the inside. The fabric edges are decorated with picot embroidery details reminiscent of a cushion. The leather-like texture was achieved by linen. The lightness and coolness of the natural material make it suitable for summer.

The multi-colored check fabric was made by using two different materials, taking inspiration from the border detail which is unique to the kitchen dishcloth.