2021 suicoke collaboration | beautiful people

beautiful people×Suicoke

beautiful people new footwear collaboration with SUICOKE
in original colors and logo-jacquard tape


The new sandals feature a classic x classic design by combining SUICOKE’s the “DEPA V2”, one of the most popular forms, with beautiful people’s original colors and logo-jacquard tape.

beautiful people added its playful touch to the SUICOKE’s by making the straps in beautiful people logo jacquard tape. A similar jacquard tape is also seen on beautiful people vinyl bag series and other accessories but customized for a thicker finish for the sandals.

This pair is finished with “MORFLEX” sole, developed by VIBRAM®, with excellent cushioning and grip as well as support for the feet. It also provides a powerful hold, even on wet ground, for an unprecedented level of comfort..


In addition to the beautiful people’s iconic color of ecru × black, you can also find navy × ecru with a marine taste, and black × black, a limited color designed for beautiful people in official retail stores and online stores. Japan limited.

bp × Suicoke logo belt sandal
size: US5 / US10 / US9 / US8 / US7 / US6 / US5
price: 27,500 yen (tax in)


Based on beautiful people’s philosophy『For everyone』, you can comfortably and stylishly wear these collaboration sandals in any scene, anytime, and anywhere, showing the outstanding functional beauty of Suicoke sandals.

The looks photos show people with different professions, such as ballerinas, cooks, gym coaches, etc, wearing their daily workwear/uniform with Suicoke sandals.