2023 FALL | beautiful people

Pre-Fall 2023 Collection
Side-C Vol.9.5 “A↔︎B NORMAL”



The unusual ordinary.
The discomfort is hidden in universal manufacturing.


Man-made and human.
Nature and humans.
Nature and man-made.



Can the discomfort latent in the universal relationship between A and B be an evil or an innovation?


Man has been kept alive by nature.
Man-made by making the most of nature.



The Pre-Fall 2023 collection is about eliminating the boundary between nature and artificiality, two contradictory universes, and considering their symbiosis.
This collection explores clothing without a dress code, for both the outdoors and the city, for casual and formal wear.





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Season Logo Graphic Design: Naomi Hirabayashi
Photos: Yoshiyuki Nagatomo