2024 FALL | beautiful people

Pre-Fall 2024 Collection
"Bitter than Sweet"



The austerity of men with a silent demeanour,
The hardships of industrial revolution labour,
Bitter like coffee or bitter melon.
The bitter.


The scent of a woman in her bedroom,
The clad in the fragrance of No. 5,
And the leisurely time reminiscent of after the crime.
The Sweet.


Two opposing elements.
A taste / An emotion / A concept


Bittersweet or Sweetbitter?
Either and neither,
A collection that explores something newly born.



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Collection Design & Styling: Hidenori Kumakiri & beautiful people team
Art Direction: Masaaki Kuroyanagi [PARK SUTHERLAND]
Photography: Akira Shimazu
Videography: Gyuseong Jang
Hair, Make up: Kenji Toyota
Design, Production: PARK SUTHERLAND