2024 SUMMER | beautiful people

Spring/Summer 2024 Collection
"Free from Stereotypes II"



Free yourself from stereotypes.


A building block where looking up from below is a common sight.
Plants that are not at odds with looking down from above.


What would happen if we changed the universal point of view?


A city without perspective, depicted from the sky like a bird with a birds’-view.
Botanicals with a view up from the ground.
And, with the unrestrained ideas of beautiful people,
snow falls in a tropical country in summer,
and a fierce tiger becomes an adorable cat.
The textiles are sublimated into fabrics with a sense of déjà vu and a sense of the unseen.



The outstanding original textiles from creating original colour-dyed threads.
The choice of materials is not bound by preconceived ideas.
The unique forms and the multifaceted nature of the three-dimensional cutting patterns, including the DOUBLE-END design pattern.
The design approaches from beautiful people.


A new, stimulating and inspiring collection
born from a complete attitude to craftsmanship.



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Collection Design & Styling: Hidenori Kumakiri & beautiful people team
Art Direction: Masaaki Kuroyanagi [PARK SUTHERLAND]
Photography: Jun Yasui
Videography: Gyuseong Jang
Video edit & Music: Shunsuke Watanabe
Make up: Madoka Abo (Shiseido), Hair: Joji Taniguchi (Shiseido)
Location: © 2024 The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum/ARS, NY/ JASPAR, Tokyo E5450