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"From Square □ → Circle ○"
beautiful people x POTR

Yoshida Kaban has long been committed to high-quality manufacturing products. POTR”, a brand that caters to diverse lifestyles and needs, and beautiful people are proud to announce their first collaboration.


The collaboration was made possible by the resonance between POTR, which values diversity and freedom without setting standards for beauty, and the philosophy of beautiful people, which affirms the diversity of the world without setting standards for beauty and finds new beauty in various elements. The collaboration is based on typical Yoshida Kaban items and expresses diversity without corners by rounding off square objects.


From Square to Circle.


The collaboration bag also expresses a playful, amateurish spirit that is not bound by stereotypical concepts: left when called right, black when called white, and round when called square.


Saturday, 30 March 10:00 am / Pre-orders start at the online store

Saturday, 6 Apr / Pre-sale at beautiful people Isetan Shinjuku store

Friday, 12 Apr / Official on sale online and at all beautiful people’s directly-stores



Documentary Campaign
by E-WAX for beautiful people x POTR

Documentary campaign shot by photographer, painter and artist E-WAX. The campaign features looks with different tastes from previous beautiful people campaigns.



Founder of Major Force, spent eight years of his childhood in London from the age of three, moved to Tokyo at 22 and worked as a shop manager for a Japanese brand, where he also discovered photography. At the age of 27, he began his career as an artist in New York, and is currently based in Tokyo.
Instagram: e_waxstudio

Diversity with a playful touch

POTR and beautiful people are two brands that both value diversity. The more diverse the two brands are, the closer they come to a circular shape when all factors such as age, gender and taste are plotted, and this collaboration expresses diversity by rounding off the corners based on two of Yoshida’s staple items, the helmet bag and the shoulder bag.


In addition to the nuanced colours of beautiful people – the raw ecru, soft olive and deep charcoal grey – the bag is made of durable nylon twill and cotton bonding, and has two front pockets and an internal storage pocket, making it highly functional and fashionable.

POTR x bp helmet bag in nylon twill

Color: ecru / olive / charcoal
Size: H25 x W25 x D22cm


POTR x bp shoulder bag in nylon twill

Color: ecru /olive / charcoal
Size: H16 x W16 x D10cm

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about POTR


“One stitch for Life”
– A single stitch connects people and lives –


Yoshida Kaban has always considered the people who use its bags and the role they play. The world is close at hand and diversity abounds today. What kind of bag should carry these daily lives? A bag that does not determine the value or the scene, but is determined by the style and daily life of the person who uses it. POTR connects people and their lives with a single stitch and proposes bags that accompany their lifestyles.