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REPRODUCTION OF FOUND x beautiful people
German Military Trainer

beautiful people is pleased to introduce a new sneaker collaboration with Reproduction of Found, a modern update of military training shoes from around the world.

The sneakers are a collaboration of Reproduction of Found’s German Military Trainers, which are a modern update of historic craftsmanship, with elements of beautiful people’s Fall 2024 Collection theme of “bitter than sweet”. This collaborative sneaker incorporates elements of the Pre-Fall 2024 Collection theme, “bitter than sweet. The item is made of nylon and leather, two different materials that harmonize with each other.


Pre-orders from Saturday, 22 June, 2024 online
Official launch from Friday, 26 July 2024 online and in our domestic stores
*Please note that delivery may be delayed due to production background.


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“bitter”と”sweet”、The use of two conflicting materials




The special feature of this collaborative model is the use of two different materials, nylon and leather, in combination. The word “bitter” is associated with austerity and spiciness, while “sweet” is associated with luster and quality.


Nylon was widely used for training shoes because of its excellent durability and mass production at low cost, including the German military trainers used by the German Army in the 1980s, while leather was considered expensive and difficult to mass produce. The Pre-Fall 2024 Collection “bitter than sweet” is expressed by combining materials with two opposing historical backgrounds.

Reliable manufacturing that follows history

Reproduction of Found values craftsmanship. This collaborative model is handmade one by one in the same Slovakian factory as the training shoes used by the German Army.

The upper is made of high-quality Italian suede leather, soft and supple Italian Nappa leather, and fine Italian nylon fabric. Pig leather is used for the lining and insole for a contemporary look and feel.

The inside of the shoe has elastics that allow it to be worn as a slip-on with the laces removed, making it a two-way specification. The timeless functionality added to the historic manufacturing process is one of its charms.




REPRODUCTION OF FOUND x beautiful people
item number: 1445711942
Color: tricolor/brown/gray
Size:35(22.5~23cm) / 37(23.5~24cm) / 39(24.5~25cm) /41(25.5~26cm) 
43(26.5~27cm) / 44(27.5~28cm) / 45(28.5~29cm)
Made in Slovakia


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The brand started from 2016SS season . under the concept of “FOUND(find out)&“REPRODUCTION” The line of military trainer is made by hand work in a careful manner at factories in each country that produced many military trainers from the 1950s to 1990s. The source for each design is revealed by indicting model name, country name and age on logo or tag. We find out timeless and universal items with a focus on military items and we offer them after reproduction modernly.
Direction : EYE FOUND Co.,Ltd