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specially made 2022 Holiday Collection

beautiful people 2022 holiday collection is themed around a rockin’ Black Santa in a black hat who enjoys traveling while on a 365-day world tour with his rock band. The collection has a variety of clothing and goods, including a travel set that collaborate with VITAL MATERIAL to accompany the tour and leather small goods inspired by Christmas tree ornaments…etc.
The 2022 Holiday Collection items exclusively at beautiful people directly managed stores and online store from November 11 (Fri.)

”Travel set” Collaboration with VITAL MATERIAL

This is a collaboration project with VITAL MATERIAL, an organic lifestyle brand that was born out of the desire for people to experience plants born from nature through all five senses. The shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are organic body care products filled with the blessings of Italian nature.

The shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are organic body care products filled with the blessings of nature in Italy, and are gentle and comfortable to wash with natural ingredients without the demerit of “no lather” that one might associate with organic products.
Room Fabric Mist is an environmentally and skin-friendly mist containing fragrant natural fragrances, carefully selected organic ingredients, and plant extracts. The unique mesh pouch with three-dimensional logo embroidery on the mesh has a convenient hook design that can be hung in the shower room at your destination.

This black travel set includes Vital Material’s body care items, which are popular not only with women but also with men, and a mesh pouch by beautiful people, and is recommended as a gift for all genders.


The set includes the following items:
– VITAL MATERIAL Conditioner
– SUBLI Room Fabric Mist
– beautiful people original travel mesh pouch

Buy VITAL MATERIAL Travel set here

Holiday collection line-up

Special Novelty

During the Holiday Collection launch period, customers who purchase 25,000 yen or more will receive an exclusive triangular scarf with Black Santa prints on a first-come, first-served basis. This item can be worn as a collar accent, pocket square, or as a pocket chief, and can be styled in many different ways.

Holiday Special Shopping Bag

The limited-edition holiday seasonal shopper is another unique beautiful people tradition treat.

This year, the shopper comes in an elegant champagne gold color.
How about a gift for your friends and loved ones during the holiday season?

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