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(a) basic item that is all over the place

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“Kidswear for everyone”


beautiful people’s iconic item, the classic kids’ size riders’ jacket, has been a favourite for 15 years under the concept of “Kidswear for everyone”.


A closer look at its true value.

“Riders’ jacket that allows you to hold on to a strap”

The riders’ jacket is patterned with sleeves up to achieve a comfortable fit.

Details such as pivoting sleeves and action pleats, together with reliable pattern technique, have made the jacket a long-standing favourite as “the riders’ jacket that allows you to hold on to a strap”.

In addition, the more you wear it, the more it becomes a soft and easy-to-move piece of clothing.

Focus on Patterns


The ACTION PLEAT is used mainly on jackets to create movement. beautiful people’s riders’ jackets have pleats at the back of the sleeves and are also elasticated, making it easy to move in and out of without the tightness characteristic of a riders’ jacket.


The PIVOT SLEEVES are the design that was developed in ancient times as sleeves for hunting jackets. The movement is calculated from the bottom of the sleeves to the body to avoid interfering with movement.

At beautiful people, the pattern is designed with the sleeves up, and the amount of movement under the sleeves is considered to allow for easy arm movement despite the compact size.

10 sizes in the “Kids Series”

A unique sizing based on the concept of children’s clothing sizes from size 120 to size 210.

You could freely choose the size that best suits your own style, without being bound by the fixed concept of choosing a size according to height. For a 150 cm height, wearing size 140, the sleeves are bracelet-length long and compact. Choosing size 150 will give you a basic silhouette with just the right length. Besides, size 160 gives you a relaxed silhouette.

A wide range of 10 sizes is available to fulfill your ideal, regardless of your height or body shape.

Unique sizing of beautiful people

Focus on Details


By lifting the zipper to the top and turning up the collar, it can be worn classically, in addition to its functionality as a thermal barrier. The image changes and becomes sleek. Different styling can also be enjoyed by adjusting the collar.


The original silver-colored parts with engraved brand logos give an elegant and more mature impression. The zipper slider, dotted buttons, and buckle are also made from an original mold. The buckle in particular has been adjusted to the correct weight through repeated trial and error.

The size and shape of the accessories and other details have been carefully considered because of the unique sizing.

Focus on Materials

Made from 100% sheepskin. The leather is washed and hand-ironed to give it a dead-stock-like finish. A specific oil is added during the dyeing process to avoid the hardness of the core characteristic of vegetable tanning, resulting in the softest and most moist texture.

It also has the luster and fullness of cowhide leather, making it both elegant and casual.

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Leather items that you want to use for a lifetime.
We will introduce the maintenance of such leather items in an easy-to-understand way.


Easy maintenance with leather care cream

1. Remove surface dust and dirt with a soft cloth or brush.
2. Take a small amount of the special cream on a soft cloth and apply it evenly.
3. Wipe with a polishing cloth after the cream has dried.
4. When the cream is completely dry, hang it on a hanger and store it in a garment case.


*Cannot be used for products other than the target product.
*Some special materials may stain or discolor, so please test on an inconspicuous area first.


Q: What is the simplest way to maintain leather goods daily?

A: Wipe off any dirt or dust on the leather with a soft cloth (a worn T-shirt is OK). The color of the leather may fade when it is new, please avoid using light-colored clothes as much as possible.


Q: How to remove the oil floats on the leather?

The oil is blown in during the tanning process. Please wipe off with a dry cloth.


Q: The leather got wet in a sudden rain.

A: First, lightly shake to remove water droplets and wipe the surface gently with a dry cloth. Then rub the hardened area with your hands gently.


Q: The leather smelled after I went to a yakiniku (barbecue) restaurant. Can I use fabric deodorizer to remove the smell?

There is no problem using it only for the lining and be sure not to spray on the leather part. If the deodorizer gets on the leather, it may cause mold.


Q: Is it able to use shoe cream?

A: We recommend using the cream that is made specifically for leather while there is no problem using the clear type of shoe cream. Test on an inconspicuous area before using, especially for light-colored leather.


Q: Please tell me how to store the leather when the season is off.

A: Avoid stacking and select a place with low temperature, low humidity, and good ventilation for storage. Mold may grow if you leave the leather in a place that has high humidity for a long time. Also, the oil tends to be insufficient so please replenish mink oil occasionally.


Q: The lining is torn. Can you repair it for me?

A: It depends on the condition of the item; we will deal with that as much as possible. Please contact us.


Q: I am worried about the dirt on the lining. Is it possible to wash?

A: Washing (including using benzene) may cause the leather to lose its color or become hardened. Please consult with a laundry which specializes in leather.


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