2019 WINTER | beautiful people

Winter 2019 Collection
Side-C / Vol.2

Side A: Front side. To wear normally. Construction.
Side B: Backside. To wear inside out. Deconstruction.
Side C: The in-between of the Front and Back.
To wear between the pouch-like space between Front and Back.
The space in-between Construction and Deconstruction.

The idea of what we beautiful people call “Side C” was created from putting a spotlight on the unconscious space inside the pouch which is usually hidden. It is the existence of the pouch-like space between front and back and is a new tailoring concept and pattern design idea.

This is our design approach which opens new possibilities where the user can choose which “Side” they would like to wear, allowing Construction / Deconstruction, Tradition / Fashion.

In order to take away the focus of Front and Back of the clothing, from the inspiration of us human beings having very little or moreover, almost no consciousness of the existence of our internal organs, we created a panel textile print which covers the entire body metaphorizing the flow of our blood vessels, the location of our organs, and the pattern of our muscles.

Original textile using every single color palette which we only human beings own; Knit design metaphorizing skin, hair, bones, teeth, eyes, and organs; Accessories plated to colors of human skin. Conceptual, but at the same time wearable, which is beautiful people.


This is the 5th collection since joining the Paris Fashion Week, entitled “Side C- vol. 2”. This collection continued from the previous one, focusing on the pouch-like space between the front and the back, creating a new silhouette by opening a slit on the inner lining and passing the body between the front and back.

Based on the theme, “Isn’t there a new Side-C between Side A and Side B of the music record ?” The collection is composed of unique silhouettes that were created by peeling off the front and back of the clothes and passing the body between them in order to expose the hidden space (Side-C) between the front and back of the clothes that we are usually unaware of. The collection is composed mainly of unique silhouettes created by passing the body between the front and the back.

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