2020 SUMMER | beautiful people

Summer 2020 Collection
Side-C / Vol.3

24 hours
24 moments
24 gradients
24 occasions
24 ways to be
24 ways to wear a piece
A transformative look at classics,
taking away, deconstructing and then reconstructing again
to add new functions.
By peeling away parts and linings, allowing to pass through a third hole and a third dimension, possibilities expand, actively involving the wearer.
A fluid, reversible and playful process, in which the body endlessly dialogues with pieces that flip, twist, turn.
Not just one, but many keys to wear a garment, according to the hour of the day, the occasion and the individual mood. Shapes change as everything morphs. Naturally, playfully.
Gestural fashions for the 24 hours, freeing and following the wearer from dusk until dawn.
The freedom of transformation, after one’s wills and whims, keeping function in mind.
The silhouette is close to the body and fluid.
Transparencies are meant to be layered, adding a further sense of transformation.
A chromatic accord between the clothing and the skin, in the changing hues of the sky over the 24 hours of the day.
Sunrise and sunset prints.
Body and dress keep dialoguing.
In infinite ways.
Along the whole day.
For days on end.


This is the 6th collection since joining the Paris Fashion Week, evolving from the concept “Side-C”, a design concept first introduced in the 2019 Summer collection.

In contrast to the idea of the previous collection, in which a new silhouette was created by passing the body between the garment and the lining, this time, the ways of passing the body through the garment were further diversified. Like flipping through the calendar, the garment is transformed continuously. It offers the wearer a greater degree of freedom, accommodating the multifaceted nature of people. The translucent surface interacts with the opaque layer, creating chambray-like shades. 24-way gradations, like the sky changing from dawn to noon and from sunset to midnight.

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