2020 WINTER | beautiful people

Winter 2020 Collection
Side-C / Vol.4

What we do not show is truer, and more important, than what we show

Between the outside and the interiors of a building, right inside the walls, sit the insulation layers. No one can see them, but they are important. Fundamental, in fact. Between the outside and the lining of a garment, equally, sits a space that asks to be explored: a space for padding, or simply an in-between. Side C is a transformative look at classics that focuses on the layer and the in-between no one sees: the most intimate and defining one. By opening, slicing and peeling garments, new functions are added. Possibilities expand, actively involving the wearer in a process that is fluid and reversible. Be it a parka, a trench coat or a knitted dress, but also a pair of shoes or a bag, each piece becomes a multitude of pieces. There is never one single key to how to wear it and use it, but many. Shapes change, functions morph, as the wearer is allowed the freedom of transformation. The silhouette is easy and fluid. Colors are muted – black, grey, khaki – with bright brights as an accent. Transparencies and prints highlight the idea of construction. From this season, menswear is introduced. Looking for a responsible way to consume less, Side C gets many items out of one single item. It invites us to do more, with less, in a playful way.


“Side-C Vol. 4″ is the 7th collection since joining the Paris Fashion Week. Under the theme “Intimate”, beautiful people proposes a new relationship between the body and the garment.

Unseen from the outside, insulation layers are placed between the outside wall and the interior of the building. Even though they are out of our sight, they are still essential to the structure. In the same way with garments, we explored new possibilities of Side-C, the space in-between of the face and the lining of the garment.

The intimacy between the garment and the body is expressed by the texture of fabrics, the movement of the body, the sensation, and the invisible parts from the outside. With the “space” between the garments, the dimensions of movement of the garments have expanded, lead to the evolution of “Side-C”. By giving diversity and freedom to the wearer, one item is full of possibilities to be transformed from one to many.

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