riders flap purse

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  • riders flap purse


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【Design features】
・The charm of the design is that it seems to have condensed the details of the rider's jacket.
・A more compact version than the riders' flap shoulder.
・The main body opens and closes with a zip.
・The inside is designed as a wallet.
・The back pocket is sized to fit a form perfectly.
・Outside pockets x 3 Inside cards x 2 Bills x 1 
Coins x 1

・Sheepskin with a similar texture to dead stock leather
・Vegetable tannin is used in the tanning process to make the leather soft and absorb water well.
・A special oil is added during the dyeing process to prevent the hard inner-core from remaining, which is the characteristic of vegetable tanning
・The leather has a cowhide-like luster and supple feel
・The jacket is garment washed and hand-ironed one by one during the finishing process
・Beautiful luster and moist hand feel created by the craftsmen's hand
・Original zipper pulls are used.

Size: 8.5 cm length, 17 cm width, 3 cm depth.

May be slight variations depending on the product.

About Size

cm / inch

  • height
  • width
  • depth
  • FREE
  • 8.5
  • 17
  • 3

Item Detail

  • riders flap purse


  • riders flap purse
  • riders flap purse
  • riders flap purse
  • riders flap purse
  • riders flap purse


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