The denim 01 | beautiful people

beautiful people’s strong focus on patternmaking

has led to the creation of the “for everyone” beautiful people selvedge denim series.

everything is beautiful.

DENIM for everyone.

beautiful people’s selvedge denim is made to last.

It is a combination of high-quality textiles and advanced craftsmanship.

They bring joy and comfort to those who wear them.

We design clothes that bring joy and comfort to their wearers and make them feel beautiful just the way they are.


Uniqueness that overturns common sense

In general, when women wear men’s bottoms, they are too large below the hips, while men wear women’s bottoms that are too tight in the rise.

beautiful people’s denim is designed to create a beautiful silhouette from the waist to the hips. It is created with the concept of “for everyone”

Advanced craftsmanship

beautiful people’s denim is made with originally designed selvedge denim fabric, which is synonymous with high-quality denim woven on shuttle looms.

Denim fabrics woven on old shuttle looms have narrower fabric width and can only be woven at a very low speed which is about 1/6 of the contemporary looms.

Even though it is not very productive, the slowly woven fabric retains the natural texture and the slub from cotton fiber.

The more you wear it, the more it fits your body. The color fades slowly and gently, which cannot be achieved by contemporary looms.

Fine textiles

The material used is ” Turpan cotton,” extra-long staple cotton native to the Turfan region, one of cotton with the highest quality.

The length of the cotton fiber varies depending on the variety, the longer the fiber, the smoother the texture.

Turfan cotton is also known as a sustainable raw material because no defoliants are used during the harvesting process.

The surface of the fabric has a special coating that prevents the color from fading.

The denim retains its beautiful dark color even after three washes, so you can enjoy the texture of raw denim for a longer time.

Fusion of conflicting elements

The “red selvedge” is a characteristic of selvedge denim and is a part of the fabric edge that prevents fraying.

beautiful people uses contrasting red and blue colors for the “selvedge” which is unique to other selvedge denim.

About the Packaging

The inner pocket of the denim is printed with a graphic that represents the graphic image of each model.

It also comes with an original drawstring bag printed with the same graphic print.

The drawstring bag can be used on both sides: the simple front side with only the brand logo printed on it, and the backside with the graphic print.