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THE/a Duffle Coat

beautiful people’s UNIQUE BRAND DNA.

THE/a Duffle Coat


THE/a Duffle Coat
  • Lighter and warmer classic outwear evolved by changing the material from regular wool to lambswool
  • The high-quality pile melton cloth is crafted with triple weave construction without lining
  • Warm enough to be worn directly over a T-shirt.
  • The fabric is characterized by its smooth texture and raised ridges
  • The finishing process is a delicate and persistent process that requires careful adjustments based on the condition of the fabric and the environment. At least two months are invested in the fabric finishing process.
  • The marbled color creates an elegant and sophisticated impression.
  • Leather straps and toggles crafted from the buffalo horn gradually develop a unique taste with time.
  • The wash label is made with a big jacquard tag, turning it into a unique design element that you could show it as a design detail.
  • THE / a duffle coat specially crafted for adults, combining a high level of craftsmanship with beautiful people’s unique brand DNA.